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Where to begin? I bought an SL 550 convertible a couple of years ago and purchased the pre-paid maintenance. For the first six months or so things went pretty well. Then things started going wrong. Let's start with the wheels. I started getting cracks in the wheels - a lot of them. I checked on line and discovered that many other owners were having the same problems. Over the course of about a year I had six different cracks in all for of the wheels. I kept getting the welded and repaired. ($150.00 each time.) After crack number six, I finally gave up and bought a set of wheels from a different place. No problems since. Next the trunk and the convertible top. I began having problems with the trunk not opening and the top not going down. I reported this to the dealership many time and for the first few times, they told me the problem was fixed. It wasn't. Then I was told that the parts in question was out of warranty and it would cost "x" to repair. I complained and suddenly they said they would repair it. They didn't. At one point I was told it was the latch on the trunk and it sometimes was temperature sensitive. No matter. It still doesn't work. This time when I complained I was told that this time it was a different part and it would cost $274.00 to repair. I am afraid to try to put the top down for fear that if it happens to work, I won't be able to get top back up. Next the triangular molding on the drivers side window. It was coming loose and barely hanging on. On one of my trips for regular maintenance, they pushed it back into place. You guessed it. It fell off completely. Again I was told that it was out of warranty. Again I complained. Again they said they fixed it. And, again, it fell off. This time I'm told it would take $110.00 to repair. Next the cup holder. The passenger side cup holder will not open. Apparently they couldn't get it to work either. Cost to repair - $548.00. Next the visor mirrors. Both visor mirrors are coming off. One fell off completely. Cost to repair - $488.00 each. Next They tell me the motor mounts are crushed and leaking cost to repair - $1256.00. Next they tell me the thrust strut bushings are broken. cost to repair - $835.00 Next the windshield washers aren't working. I complained about this the last time I was there and nothing was done. This time they tell me that the windshield washer hose is split. Cost to repair - $610.00 Next, they tell me the rear engine oil separator cover and camshaft end plugs are leaking. Okay, oil leaks happen. Cost to repair - $481.00. This car has less than eighty thousand miles on it and is not driven hard. And I am having these kinds of problems? You ask me if I am satisfied with the service I get at Mercedes of Tucson? Really? Do you need to ask?
– bradley thrush
Annual service - Mar 23, 2017
Thank you for an excellent experience. Working with Mr. Van Sickle was a pleasure. Making the appointment, the time involved, and the explanation of the service rendered was excellent. Thank you.
– Robert P. Donohue
Good job.
Good job.
– Michael Ramsey
Work done on car
I found everyone to be professional and helpful. Thanks.
– Julie Thayer
Steve Schumacher was excellent.
– Valentine Nfonsam
Great Service Visit
Just wanted to say that we recently had our sevice visit at Mercedes Benz of Tucson. It was for routine service. But they found a more serious problem that we were not aware of ! MarK Schofield our service advisor explained fully the problem and the great service advisor did an outstanding job on the repair. We recieved a rental car on a day when all of the courtesy cars were being used they arranged for another car for us. Outstanding customer service! Thank you.
– Gary and Katherine Johnson
Evan was great and very, very patient!!!
– bill & shirley linton
100k Service
The usual suspects, Evan Stark and Jill Slecta, were the epitome of graciousness and professionalism. Kudos to Cameron Dwan for his positive attitude!
– Chris Walker
Consistently Superb
Once again, great, seamless service; no disruption to my day. Perfect mechanically and customer service. Rich always explains everything so well.
– Lisa Lefebvre
Service level A
On time delivery of my car. Work was meticulous. Good job Rich!
– David B. Stewart