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Mercedes-Benz of Tucson Reviews
Mercedes-Benz of Tucson Average Rating:
4.8 out of 5 stars (442 reviews)
Service review
Great service all around, always happy with the stellar service we get.
– Norma Fernandez
Appears to be good service visit, although long vi
Came in for a prepaid B service on my C Class car... Was told would take about 5 hours for this service, was provided loaner car ( got non Mercedes loaner ). Left my car about 10 AM. Never received a call -- so approximately 3:15P.M. ( over 5 hours after I left the car) called in and got a call back that the car was going to be an hour or so more. Since I live 50 MINUTES from this Dealer, I needed to know the time frame for pick up as I had company coming for dinner... Dealer/my advisor should have notified me about time frame. When I arrived to pick up my car, found out that it needed a transmission service which was reason car took longer to complete. Glad I had this service but this information should have been relayed to me as soon as they knew of it as well as the reason the for the additional time for the service call. . NO one called me with this information. This, in my opinion, is NOT good service. CALL your customers with time updates!! Please!! It does appear, at this time that the work was completed satisfactory. I mention it this way as the last time I took my car here for A service and mentioned tire pressure needed to be corrected they did not do so to appropriate PSI. My tire light came on again in about 2 days *( after I did my service review). My husband put air in my tires and the tire pressure light DID NOT GO ON FOR OVER 8 Months - thus, THIS dealer did not check tire pressure appropriately in the past.
– Kathy
Excellent service
Steve, my service advisor had my car serviced promptly and efficiently.
– Amy
Excellent Service
Excellent service and Steve my service representative is always helpful
– Jack Dempsey
– George Corsiglia
Excellent Service
Yesterday I brought my wife's 2015 C-300 in for an "A" service and Rich Van Sickle had everything done and completed almost before I finished my cup of coffee. Great job!
– James W Morrison, Jr
Superb Sprinter Service
Took my Dodge Sprinter in for repairs to intercooler. - service Repairs were quick and reasonable - skilled -Educated service technicians . Far more knowledgeable than the service technician at Larry Miller Dodge. I will be using Mercedes-Benz of Tucson for all my Sprinter service! Paul@ Southeast Arizona RV Rentals LLC
– Paul McGahee - SEAZ Rv Rentals LLC
as always
– Troy McDaniel
Annual Check up
In for our annual service on the wife's 2010 GLK. Rich Van Sickle once again had everything ready for us. It is a great help to have a loaner when a trip to Tucson is not a daily or even weekly occurrence!
– Peter
Christy Maxwell
– Christy Maxwell